The Cobb Lyme Regis Evening

Artist Unknown, English School, Titled “The Cobb Lyme Regis Evening” watercolour on paper.

An amazing attic find, an album of watercolours dating from 1859 to 1924

During a recent trip to the UK, in a regional auction, house we discovered a large album of watercolour paintings. These had been in an attic in southern England for the last 90 years and only recently saw the light of day during a deceased estate sale.

All of the paintings are dated from 1859 through to 1924 and are unsigned, although they appear to be by the same hand and are titled and dated, some with additional location details. Looking at the genre and the subject matter we feel that the body of work is that of a female artist.

There are 48 paintings in total, which will be sold separately with discounts for volume buys. These are truly a must see, please ask the gallery to view the collection. This is a rather rare collection of paintings due to the fact that they have never been framed or subject to the environment, they are incredibly fresh just like they were painted yesterday.


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