David Cox

David Cox “The Younger” (British 1809-1885) Moving the flock

A paintings lost provenance found 13,000 miles away

On a recent trip to London, we purchased an interesting oil painting, described simply as English School 19th Century. Once the shipment arrived at our gallery in Pymble, we quickly discovered that the painting was in fact by David Cox “The Younger” (1809-1885). Clearly signed, further research revealed that it was auctioned in London in 2003 as a painting by David Cox “The Younger”.

Cox was the son of the famous English landscape artist David Cox “Senior” (1783-1859). Cox “Senior” is acknowledged as one of Britain’s greatest watercolour artists.

This is a case of the paintings provenance being lost between 2003 and 2017. This is something that we often come across. A painting that has lost it’s history and identity for various reasons, is then sold under descriptions such as artist unknown or school of, but is in fact the genuine article. It is often difficult and time consuming to establish a provenance, although you may have plenty of circumstantial evidence. In this case we were delighted that the process was quite painless.

You are most welcome to visit the gallery and view the painting. We also have a small watercolour by David Cox “Senior” on display and for sale.

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